3 Different Book Cover Designs….

So I have come up with three major design concepts for the Penguin Design Awards book cover brief. As this module is about refinement I felt it was best to come up with a range of ideas and refine it down to one really strong idea.

book cover version 1-02

Vector Portrait Idea

Likes and Strengths:

  • The vector portrait is strong bold and would stand out on the shelf of a book shop extremely well. Makes use of the white colour strip in the authors hair. If you are a fan on the comedian you are more likely to understand this reference.
  • Also chosen a pantone colour green that would be fluorescent and extremely bright against the black and grey vector image.
  • The type is bold and easily readable from afar and up close.

Dislikes and Weaknesses:

  • The back image is meant to be of a mirror and I think that this is quite weak.
  • Not enough contrast between type weights on the back. Needs more definition and differentiation between the parts of the type.

design no2-02

Hand Idea

Likes and Strengths:

  • The hand has a strong reference to feminism without it being too overpowering and making a massive point about feminism.
  • The type is strong and eye-catching and the hierarchy of type is evident.

Dislikes and Weaknesses:

  • This the back cover is not very interesting. More context needs to be included on the back and the design continued across.

design no2-03

design no2-04

Lipstick Writing Idea

Likes and Strengths:

  • Lipstick writing is really bold would stand out on the shelves.
  • Chosen white as a background colour because a lot of the books in a book shop are quite dark and it will stand out against the rest of them
  • The whole look and illustration is more fun and interesting and I think this reflects the nature of the book well.

Dislikes and Weaknesses:

  • Think there could be a little more corresponding design/ a continuation of the design across the spine and to the back.

Critique with Barry and Richard Smith;

After the critique today I am certain that I want to use the final idea with the lipstick. and go with the first one of the two. I do think it needs some tweaks and the idea of the lipstick writing could be pushed further with the use of a mirror. Due to time constraints I want to focus on the next brief and if i have time I will go back and further edit and refine this one.

  • A lot of the type is centered and I feel that something can be slightly different.

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