Publishing Workshop

Had a really interesting talk from Stuart Turnball about the work that he has produced over the years. He focussed mainly on the magazines that he worked on including the ones he started from scratch himself. Really surprised me how easy it was for him and a group of other professionals to start up a successful magazines and think of interesting stories to include within them as well as distributing them to high profile places to get readers.


I especially liked this feature which I was told was completely fictional and was something they recreated for every issue. It was such a simple idea (taking an image of a town and creating made up stories) but I found myself immediately captivated by the lives of these fictional characters. The images weren’t even very nice themselves, they were quite muted and boring in a sense they were nothing unusual to what you see down your local retail park, but with the added in witty comments some quite funny it made the pages something that really stood out to me.

Stuart also gave us a brief to do ourselves which was to draw a front cover concept for our own first issue launch of a magazine. It had to be about something that we we’re either passionate about or interested in. When thinking about the context for my magazine I was immediately drawn to the idea of illustration however Im aware that there are already a lot of illustration magazines available and I wanted to create something which was different but was at the same time still potentially viable. So my idea for my concept magazine was to centre around the insides of artists and designers sketchbooks. I think quite often we only see the finished pieces that artists and designers want us to see but we very rarely see the insides of their sketchbooks or their trial and error pieces that didn’t make the cut. I know I’ve seen the insides of artist sketchbooks at exhibitions but it often only makes up a very small percentage of those exhibitions yet this is the part of the exhibition that I am usually drawn to most.

skribble scan

This is the front cover concept that I drew. The idea would be to always focus on three specific artists from sectors of creative industries such as illustration, graphic design and fine arts for each issue. Each artist would submit pages from their sketchbooks as the main body of the pieces and then some finished pieces to see the final outcome. I think that this idea would really work as I think there would be a genuine interest to see into artist sketchbooks and see the way they work by the processing of ideas and editing of their material into final pieces.

I really liked my draw version of the issue so I have had a go at recreating some parts of it digitally, especially focussing on the magazine title type.


This scripted hand drawn typography is extremely current at the moment and you see a lot of brands adopting this look within their branding, so I think this would work well for a magazine title. It also looks quite current and maybe slightly cartoon like which I think works really well given the nature of the content that would be being included.


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