Exhibition In Miniature, You’re the Curator! At Minories Colchester

Really pleased with how our exhibition turned out! I think collectively as a group we done a great job at organising ourselves and planning as a team what we were going to do. It has shown that we are all capable of communicating effectively to get an end result and I think this bodes well for the rest of the year, especially when it comes to organising our Auction and our final exhibitions at both the institute and up in London.

The work produced was extremely varied and it was really interesting to see how everyone interpreted the same brief. Some took it quite literal with the physical development of themselves whilst others like me too a more lateral approach and used things that have shaped, changed  and allowed their lives to develop.

The Brief:

Select 12 Photogaphs that are significant to you, they can either be taken by you or feature something important or influential to your development. Collectively they need to be a narrative and that story is you. 


Im really pleased with how my part of the exhibition turned out. At first I was thinking quite literally about the subject matter of my 12 photos and I felt uneasy about putting images of myself or my whole family on the wall. However I feel by using the food images and giving small snippets of information about what occasion they were taken at and who with it gives the viewer just the right amount of information into the context of the pieces. There are a couple of things I’m not necessarily happy about which are the framing and mounting of the images. I decided to cut the mount myself which proved to be quite difficult, although it turned out ok if i was to do another exhibition in the future I would get it professionally done. I also feel that the images themselves had a slight purple tint to them and I think this is because of my home printer so I would get them printed professionally.

   a5 catalogue postcard2   a5 catalogue postcard

Above is my finished catalogue. At first I was quite apprehensive about the fact that I was just doing a double sided card and not producing a big multiple paged document. However on reflection I’m pleased that I stuck to my guns and continued with a more simple version of the catalogue. I think due to the nature of the information I have included the viewer is able to come to their own conclusions about what each food photo is saying and this gives the piece a slight bit of mystery to it.

Looking at the rest of peoples work and seeing how they have displayed their 12 Images has given me ideas about how I might display my final exhibition for my final major project. I think it could be really interesting to have more of a contextual layout and feel when it comes to displaying my final major project and I think this could be achieved by thinking more about the displaying of the piece and how the research surrounding my project could further back this up.

Below are further Images of the Exhibition

thumb_IMG_4885_1024 thumb_IMG_4903_1024thumb_IMG_4889_1024 thumb_IMG_4890_1024 thumb_IMG_4891_1024 thumb_IMG_4893_1024 thumb_IMG_4894_1024 thumb_IMG_4895_1024   thumb_IMG_4898_1024 thumb_IMG_4900_1024 thumb_IMG_4901_1024 thumb_IMG_4902_1024 thumb_IMG_4904_1024 thumb_IMG_4905_1024thumb_IMG_4898_1024thumb_IMG_4897_1024thumb_IMG_4896_1024


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