Foundation Taster Sessions

Recently had the opportunity to help out with foundation taster sessions in our University print room. They were given a brief which involved them recreating lines from John Coopers Clarke’s poem Arts N’ Crafts using letterpress type. They were told to try and express the words and the meanings of the lines by the way they positioned the type in the composition. They would then be put back into the poem and displayed in their studio space as a final piece.

thumb_IMG_4831_1024 thumb_IMG_4832_1024

thumb_IMG_4833_1024 thumb_IMG_4834_1024 thumb_IMG_4835_1024

I think that all of these have been really successful. I especially like the ones that emphasise what the line is saying such as “into the shed” and “nora!” They act as type as image and this is an appropriate way to interpret a brief like this. Not only was it interesting to see the different approaches that the students took to the task but it was also useful to get first had experience at aiding them to realise there intentions as well as giving them tips on how to used the print beds to get the best out of their prints. Im really glad that I got the opportunity to help out and it is definitely something that will be beneficial towards writing my personal statement for my teacher training application.


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