Family Tree Style Timeline

Because I feel like the Rhizome style layout way not working very well I have decided to try experimenting with a family tree style. Think this would be effective because it would show the relationships between the different technologies and explain where they had been developed from.


Think this style is working really well because it is helping to explain where the technologies have been developed from. The reader is also able to follow the different paths and locate what technology comes from where. Do feel however that the above image needs to be made busier and have an extra layer of information. Going to experiment with including some descriptive text in smaller body copy underneath the date, name and inventor. Think this will add clarity and make it visually a lot more exciting.


Have decided to experiment with screen printing the big type in luminous colours and then the black type over the top. Think this will look effective. Obviously if this was to be printed on a large scale run something like a pantone colour would be more effective and easier to create on a large scale. Going to try screen printing over type that has already been digitally printed in the hope that it will not knock out the black if there is enough medium in the paint. This will also mean that the small body copy will be a lot clearer as Im worried a screen will not be able to recreate the small type.


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