Experimenting with type as Image and Rhizomes

Wanted to experiment more with using type as image so have been experimenting with using the filters on photoshop. Been blurring the type and I think it gives a really good effect, because you can set it at different amounts of blur I can increase it for the technologies that are more luminous and decrease it for those that aren’t. I have also bitmapped theses using various settings and I think these are effective. They would work well screen printed because the bitmap would give the effect of light dispersion from a bulb.


Rhizome graphs are something else that I have been researching. They document relationships between things and as I have noticed when researching the technologies a lot of them are connected in some way so I think that this style would work quite well at documenting the relationships.


I think these experiments work to a certain extent but they are not busy enough to be effective. A lot of rhizomes are really busy and full of information and these don’t have the effect that I was after. They also don’t document time very well. I have tried to position the words at a height that corresponds with a date however I don’t think that this is apparent enough.


Used straight non direct lines for this one, I think this works better but it is still not busy enough. I think it is interesting but doesn’t communicate the relationships or the idea of luminosity that well and this is something that I really want to portray.

Think that potentially family tree style could work better this way I could use a key to show the relationships or just the use of lines could work. Still need to work out how dates could work.


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