Experimenting with an Infographic

One thing that really stood out to me when researching the different developments in lighting technology was that there was a lot of facts and figures available in the form of luminosity and life time of the different lights. This has made me think that this is something that could be utilised alongside the timeline. I have been looking at David Mccandless book on Information is Beautiful and he quite often uses data and represents it in a really interesting way that is quite opposite to how you usually see information displayed. His work is visually very interesting and makes data fun, it doesn’t just look like data and numbers but looks like an illustration that still has a purpose and does work as data that can be interpreted. This is something that I thought I could try and use for my own timeline and incorporate luminosity and lifetime into it.


Been using circles to represent the data. Experimenting with using the orange circle in relative size circles to represent luminosity and the green circle cut off at certain points to represent life time. I think these really work and portray the data visually rather than using the numbers which could be confusing to people who do not have any knowledge of luminosity values. Although I think they work there needs to be another layer of information which contains the timeline aspects and I think it would be a shame to miss out all the major development as well so this is something that I need to experiment with.


Initial sketches of how to incorporate the circles with other timeline information.


Taken inspiration from Mccandless info graphics and used another circle for the circles to come off of. Think it is effective because it does easily document time. I do however feel that because of the circle format it is difficult to include all the information that I want to. The circle format isn’t lending itself well to include a lot of information and I think it is going to be difficult to lay out in an effective way. I think that I am going to have to experiment more with layout ideas. I really want to communicate this idea of luminosity and I don’t think the circle are effective at doing this.


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