Live Brief- Fashion End of Year Catalogue

Really pleased to be working on such an exciting project with the help of two other team members. Will be my first go at designing for a large production run of 2000 copies and with a relatively substantial budget £2500. It is also nice to be working with images that have been specifically shot for the catalogue and so are visually interesting and work together as a body of work. Also given me the chance to learn more about print production and the types of things that are specifically required such as Pantone colours and special colours, printing techniques, format of images so that the colours separate appropriately. Not only has this project allowed me to develop another piece for my portfolio but it has taught me communication skills between clients. Communicating between a client is something that I will most likely have to do on a regular basis if i was to go into the industry and liaising with a them and coming up with something that you are both happy with is crucial to the design process.


Very excited to get this finalised and see the finished printed outcome. Especially with the Metallic Pantone colour which is something I’ve never used before.


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