Politics and Graphic Design

Really enjoyed this lecture as it brought up a lot of really interesting views, opinions and topics as well as got me thinking and understanding more the importance of politics in regards to the effect it has on me as a member of society and a Graphic designer. Think one of the most important points I noted was that as graphic designers we are visual communicaters and are quite often the people who create something or a piece that communicates a point. Therefor it is important to be able to interpret the messages that are out there at the moment especially in regards to the election so that we in turn can create effective piece of graphic design that communicate messages as well.

It was also interesting to see that political “propaganda” and micky takes towards society and politicians have been around for a long time and are not just something that occurred due to social media etc. however it has helped make it more readily available. It was happening a long time ago and people such as William Hogarth were back in their day creating pieces which depicted what was happening (not literally) but in theory.

Gin Lane by William Hogarth

William Hogarth- Gin Lane


This piece really cleverly depicts the undercurrent of society at the time. Although not a true representation (you wouldn’t literally see this happening in London) it is a heightened version of what was going on.

I think that this type of graphic communication is still very evident today. Lots of illustrators, artists and even just the general public create modern day versions of Gin Lane which communicate the feelings and ideas of themselves and society. Cartoons as well are a big political communication tool and can easily portray a message in seconds without even having many words.


Cartoon by Leslie Gilbert Illingworth

Think this cartoon is a good example of the way illustration, graphic communication and art can say so much about the world. Although this isn’t a true representation of what actually happened it is a theoretical one but it to me it really does tell me the ideas that were going on at the time without the use of words of descriptions. This is still evident today with many newspapers still using cartoons.


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