Bag It Auction

Really pleased that I managed to get to the auction and help support the 3rd years in their attempt to raise money for the graduate show. Felt that it was important to show my support as a 2nd year and make the effort to go because I will be in this position myself next year. It also gave me a chance to see how it was run and put together and this way I can help contribute ideas to next years fundraiser. I really didn’t know what to expect before I went but I was pleasantly surprised to see such a high turn out of people as well as people bidding considerable amounts of money for some of the pieces. Another thing that I really liked was the bag of goodies that I purchased. Its clear to see that the 3rd years had put a lot of effort in to the contents of the bag which included items such as business cards, postcards, notebook etc which was all branded with their “bag it auction” logo. It was also a clever way of networking and getting themselves noticed and potential free lance work as they had their own business cards in their too.

It was also my first time bidding on something and winning! as I student we all know that sometimes money can be an issue however I felt that it was a worth while cause to put my money towards and Im glad I did, as I managed to pick up a series of really interesting Mandala prints and for £30 (£10 a piece) I cant really grumble at that.


Faith Swann- Series of Modern Mandala drawings.

These straight away caught my eye when I saw them at the auction. Just by looking at them you get a really sense of just how much time go’s in to creating something that is so intricate and delicate. Even though they are so delicate because of there eye catching appeal they do have such an immediate impact.

Cant wait to frame these and put them only wall!


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