Information Design (part 2 of semester 2)

My initial thoughts on this module are that I feel a lot happier and more confident going forward with this than I have done on the previous catalogue design brief. I think because it has to be done in a shorter amount of time its really going to drive me to experiment with things really quickly and get ideas flowing.

From doing some initial thinking and researching I have drawn up a list of things that I want to think about and address during this brief in regards to successful information design and typography. I have chose to do the subject matter of Candle to LED. Chosen this because the technology of lighting technology isn’t something that I know a lot about and I think that other factors such as environmental factors could also play a part in the design of my timeline.

  • My main aim is to simplify- a timeline of something could potentially become quite confusing, charting something that began a long time ago no doubt has a lot of time points where new inventions were created however because I’m aiming to simplify I want to try and pick out the most crucial points from its development.
  • I want it to be exciting yet informative and have a significant amount of information on so that it is a worth while piece of work.
  • Needs to be clear and easy to follow- don’t want to pack too much information on to the page but at the same time there needs to be enough for it to portray a message.
  • Context- has been a lot of developments in the last decade in regards to the advancing technology of LED’s so I feel that my info graphic/timelines could potentially fit nicely within a magazine or newspaper format that would back up an article centring around the issue of lighting technology and maybe its environmental impacts.
  • Audience- because I’m aiming it to be used within a magazine or newspapers article I think that my appropriate audience is young adults and adults. Therefore it can have a significant amount of information on it but at the same time I want it to be interesting and draw attention and for it not to be seen as a “history” lesson.

Initial Inspirations

Have been doing some initial research into the types of info graphics that are around at the moment. One source of inspiration has been David McCandless on Information is Beautiful. His book includes such a wide variety of different subject matter that is really interesting to know about and communicated in such a eye-catching yet appropriate way.

Also have been looking at some really current projects on Behance. (Links Below)

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Think the above Sony Music Timeline is so exciting. Demonstrates that a timeline does have to have big photos and a line with definitive dates to communicate things but that it can just be a series of words and vector images. Also shows that you don’t necessarily have to be restricted to page sizes and that something like this can be made to be more of an installation piece and talking point.


This is another one that really caught my attention. Although this does have a lot more information contained within it, you are still able to follow it and make sense of it all. The colour scheme has been kept simple and is not overpowering to the information being communicated. there is also a system created for navigating the page by the use of colour and lines to connect parts together.

Further Inspiration

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Images are not my own and credit go’s to their owners.


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