Digital Publishing

From doing some initial research in to digital publishing and the type of material that is available on the internet in regards to digital publishing techniques I have been able to gain an idea of what makes a good digital publishing material and the sort of things that you can include.

Things that I have noted

  • Lots of material published looks like it could well be printed however it has the benefits of being able to include things such as video, sound, links, buttons etc that a digital platform provides.
  • Quite a lot of companies are using digital publishing techniques as a way of reaching out to the customers. For example John Lewis has a digital version of its monthly catalogue that allows the user to read and shop hand in hand via the use of live web links to products.
  • Many companies are starting to transfer over to this way of publishing material and this is most likely to keep up with advancing technology and the idea that a lot of things are going digital and internet based now.
  • Using it as additional promotional material to promote products. For example topshop and river island have online magazines, way of getting their products noticed immediately by the public.
  • There are a lot of pros to digital publishing; added features such as video and sound, cheaper to produce and distribute, quicker to distribute no added print times or waiting, can be updated more frequently due to it being cheaper to produce.

Im really pleased that I’ve had the opportunity to do this module because I feel that digital publishing is going to be something that we will see being produced a lot more frequently. It has a lot of pros that override printed material and I think more companies are going to be taking on this new way of distributing material and products to the clients. Because of that I think that by doing this module I will have a slight advantage because I have the knowledge of such a new technology.

My own designs

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 11.11.54 Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 12.15.17


Have been taking inspiration from magazines and product catalogues for my layouts, from research I have seen that a lot of digital published magazines have the same attributes of traditional printed magazines. Think the above two layout designs are working really well. I feel like you get the impression that they could be from a traditional printed magazine but at the same time they have the added benefits of having links to pages that are clickable by the user. This helps to aid them in navigating their way around the document and if they want to the can go straight to an article without having to go through several first.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 13.58.05 Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 14.30.24

First article above

Think that this is working well as well you can see a rough magazine layout but at the same time there are added extras such a clickable links to take the user to a webpage where they can shop the feature.

Really pleased with how this is coming along. Not only is it helping me to further my layout skills but at the same time it is also helping me to develop my indesign skills.


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