Presentation Result YAY!

So happy with getting a first for my presentation in relation to my essay. Despite being relatively confident at other times presenting and standing up in front of people is always something that I have struggled with. Id quite often find myself extremely nervous when having to talk and would quite often shy away from making eye contact when faced with this task. The only way Ive been able to get through presentations before is to read off a power point or write a complete script which I would then just regurgitate on the spot.

However this time round I was determined to get a good presenting marking and prove to myself that I had enough confidence to be able to do it sucessfully and I think my mark reflects this. I decided not to write a script this time but only use a small amount of prompt card notes for specific information that I needed to remember and this really helped. It meant I had a chance to look up and address my audience by making eye contact instead of just looking at a piece of paper I was reading from. It also probably helped that I was talking about something that I am not only passionate about but that I have researched thoroughly and had a wide range of knowledge on.

This has also given me a boost of confidence for the task ahead that is writing my essay because a fair amount of the information I mentioned in my presentation I will include. It implies that I have been reading the relevant information for the subject and debate that I am addressing which is undoubtedly a goos starting point.

Presenting is also something that I will have to do on a day to day basis if i do eventually decide that the teaching route is for me as well as being something I will have to do If i decide to go into the industry with presenting to clients so I am pleased that I am starting to feel more at ease with it. I think I will undoubtedly get better each time I present and so I look forward to doing more and each time trying to improve, looks like practice does make perfect!


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