Initial Catalogue Ideas and Illustrations

After deciding to narrow my catalogue ideas and information down to just dress styles of the decades I have found it a lot easier to think about how I am going to arrange the information on the page. One thing that has stood out to me however is that all of the different images of the dress styles are taken in different ways/settings/compositions/scenarios so they are not all in keeping together and I feel that by using these images together the catalogue will not take on a necessary overall feel or look. To get around this issue I have thought about using illustration, this will allow me to almost standardise the dress styles so that it is more about the attributes of the style and less about the photo of a particular dress.

Dresses on Hangers

IMG_4377 IMG_4376 IMG_4378

Have experimented with using dress patterns and illustrated dresses on hangers. Really don’t feel like they work however because they lack a certain excitement, they feel a bit boring and not very interesting to look at. I want the dresses to be a main focal point of the catalogue and I don’t feel that they stand out or draw enough attention.

Dresses on Manequins


IMG_4381 IMG_4380

Feel that these work a lot better, they are much more interesting and draw a lot more attention to the dresses themselves. I think that they could also be brought to life by the type and images that they are combined with. I do feel however that they could maybe do with some colour. One of the main components of fashion is colour and I think that it would be wrong to disregard this in my catalogue and the illustrations.

Placing in context

A lot of the research I have done in to the fashion and dresses of the decades has shed light on the fact that fashion was heavily influenced by society at the time whether this was music, the economy etc. I think that this is something that really needs to be addressed in my catalogue and that I can do by possibly showing the dresses in context rather than just talking about this in type on the page. So have been experimenting with giving the mannequins a “background” of contextual imagery that would give each of the page a sort of feel for the decade and would help to visually explain the issues or influences that were effecting dress styles at the time.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 17.55.04 Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 12.06.33

Think that both of these layouts are working a lot better. Putting other imagery with the mannequins has brought the page to life and given the dresses more context. It also help aid in the visual communication to people looking at the catalogue about what was happening at the time hopefully helping them to understand why the dresses were in the styles that they were for that decade.

One issue I have with these pages is that the mannequins look quite static and are not very dynamic or interesting necessarily. This is something that I want to address and I think by looking at different illustrators and changing the style of the illustrations would really help. Maybe loosening the drawings up could help a lot.


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