V & A videos for Club to Catwalk Exhibition

Found this video really useful to begin the research on one of the decades for my catalogue. Has given me visual references and pointers to continue my research on this colourful and creative decade.

One thing that has stuck out to me in the video is that they made them selves successful by working hard and making a name from themselves. They were different and “out there” which eventually caught the attention of the british press. They also collaborated a lot with other up and coming people which acted as a stepping stone for a lot of people to further their careers.

Really think the levi jacket idea to have it customised by 22 different artists was really inspiring, was something that no one had ever done before and made a real impact up on fashion at the time. Still see this idea of collaborating today with things like comic relief t-shirts being designed by different designers and then sold in shops to raise money.


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