Hayward Gallery and Barbican

Got a lot of relevant ideas for my Semester 2 studio module from the exhibitions and I feel that it was a worthwhile trip up to London to gain primary research.

Things that I picked up from the Hayward Gallery exhibition on History is Now: Artists take on Britain were more centred around the actual layout of the exhibition itself;

  • Exhibition was categorised by the 7 different artist, every room/section was the work from that artist making it easy to see the relationship between pieces from the same person.
  • There was a general sense of flow around each room/section because it was mainly organised in chronological order around the room or sorted into different areas such as photography or art or structures.
  • All exhibitions included different subject matter showing that a catalogue/collection of items can be formed of many different subject matters they don’t all have to be photography etc.
  • Every item had an information piece underneath it which stated, title, date, person, and some even had extra information about the piece.

The barbican exhibition on Magnificent Obsessions: The Artist as Collector was one which I managed to engage with more fully that the one at the Hayward Gallery. Have always found myself collecting different bits of printed material and “hoarding” it but I now feel that it could potentially be an “Artist” thing. Was really intrigued to see the variety of different things people would collect especially stuffed animals. Another thing that stuck out to me was that the items from different artists were organised in different ways. Some has a system where they were organised into varieties such as shells and postcards and others had no real system and were almost just jumbled on to the shelves. Has show me that different people can catalogue/organise things into different ways and it is still ok it is just down to peoples ways of looking and seeing as to how they are interpreted.

Things that I’m going to take forward of the catalogue brief are:

  • There are different ways to catalogue things and it is up to me as part of my research to develop my own system that is applicable to the catalogue I am making.
  • Need to research these different ways and see how and why they are effective if they are or not.

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