Map Ideas For Guide Book

For my guide book I felt that it was appropriate to have a map that was simple and could be seen (if needed) at all times by the person using the booklet. So for this I have decided to have it on a fold out part of the cover. This way it will fold down but at the same time it can potentially be folded out so that the user can see it constantly.

Because I already had a map from when I was designing my broadsheet I added this in to my guide book to see what it looked like as I felt that because they were part of the same series it could be wise to use the same map. However I feel that this version of the map is too complicated in comparison to the simplified page layout and design of my booklet. The black is too harsh and the lines are to thick in my opinion. I also feel that the London underground signs are getting lost and are not visible enough and the route (in pink) is also not vivisble.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 15.21.06

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 15.19.58

To further simplify my map so that it is more in keeping with the rest of the design I have outlined the roads rather than fill them in. This has allowed the map to look a lot more simple. I have also reversed out the colours of the underground signs which makes them pop against the background and taken away the pink route line because I felt that this was not needed especially with the route for the guide book being part of the front cover. Although this version of the map is a lot better I still felt that it was too harsh to be put in the guide book considering the majority of my pages have a lot of white space.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 15.21.51

Instead of using the black version of the map I have decided to reverse out the colours so that the majority of it is white. This reflects the white space on the rest of my guide book pages and it feels a lot more in keeping with the rest of the design. The underground signs are now even more visible and I have added a simple pink dot to the map just to show the meeting point for the route. I also feel that the text is a lot more legible and the whole map is generally a lot easier to understand because of its simplicity.


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