Page Layout Inspiration

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Extracts from a Published Guide book

Taken a lot of inspiration from this guide book to help me to design my own such as:

  • Use of colour as emphasis for certain elements and to help things stand out. The colour almost brands each page and helps to separate different parts of the guide book e.g Red relates to shopping. This could be useful to me as I could brand each guided walk with a different colour and have this evident throughout each booklet.
  • Typography hierarchy; different weights and typefaces have been used in order to separate different parts of information. Bolder type for heading and sub headings and smaller body copy for the rest.
  • Imagery/ icons have been used in a consistent manner to show different activities for different times of day. This is a more interesting idea than using the words morning, afternoon, evening.
  • Simple imagery has been used but it is not the main subject of the pages. There is not a massive emphasis on the photos and this therefore makes the type and information more of a factor.

These extracts have really helped me to get an idea of the type of elements and factors help to make a effective design and layout work for a guide book.


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