Developing front cover ideas

Since coming up with ideas for boxes and envelopes for the guide book I have decided that it would be more appropriate to experiment with ideas for a front cover first as this would be the first thing that the user/reader is going to see when they get the booklet. Therefore I feel that there are certain things and elements that I need to keep in mind for the front cover such as;

  • Bold and interesting design that grabs the viewers attention and immediately makes them excited about the “guided tour” that they are about to go on.
  • Consistent style such as typography, imagery and layout that would then be reflected by the inside pages so that the whole book is consistent.
  • Generic imagery on the front that doesn’t promote/feature to heavily on one place than another.

Want to try and see this part of the module as a separated part from the broadsheet and poster so I am aiming to go in a different direction with the design however some elements may still remain the same for consistency and so that it all works in keeping as part of the Museum Quarter brand.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 16.31.00 Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 16.43.13

Feel like the above two possible front cover ideas lack in their ability to catch the attention of a viewer. They feel rather boring and I think that given the nature of the South Kensington area they need to have a more exciting nature about them. I do however feel that the idea for the first one that I have come up with which is; to die cut the relevant circle relating to the guide book and have the coloured paper from the inner pages shining through is particuly effective and could look really interesting. The colours used could be changed for each version of the guide book relevant to the specific walk therefore allowing each walk to be almost branded itself by a colour, this colour could then be used as a feature throughout the rest of the booklet either in typography or other design features.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 17.01.01 Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 17.07.15

Much prefer these two covers as they have a much more impactive factor about them and I think this is due to the typography that I have used. Both make a statement via the use of the bold typeface and the size of the text and look more interesting than the others above. I still think these designs could benefit from the use of die cutting like the above and this is something I will experiment developing further.

One thing that has seemed to be an issue whilst designing these is the fact that they are on a square format. To me this lead to elements looking bunched up within the square and also doesn’t allow for much space to be used for imagery on the front. I feel that this could also become an issue for the inside pages  as well if I was to continue to use the format. So for future ideas and development I am also going to experiment using A size pages possible A5/A6 for the booklet to see how this works and if it lends itself better to this type of design.


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