Developing Support Module Drawings

After having my mid module review with Jane before the christmas break I had set myself some goals for the direction in which I wanted my drawing module to take now that I had a substantial amount of drawings from the life module sessions. One of these aims was to develop my drawings further by relating them back to my Studio practice e.g graphic design.

One way in which I thought to do this was to scan my drawings into the computer and edit them using photoshop in different ways.

drawing module scans007

Really pleased with the way that the above image has turned out. I have simply filtered the scan with a a colour and just by doing his is has already take on a more graphic like quality. I have also cropped the original drawing down so that it shows the part which was most complete as a lot of the original drawing didn’t have shading on. Think this is a really effective way of transforming the original drawing. Now want to try and develop this further and add some pattern or further development to it.

pink edit red edit

These are again scans which I have filtered with colours. Think these are really effective as well in different colours. Although they look more graphic like you still get the essence of them being drawn with paint because of the quality of line still being visible and I think this is really interesting to see. I think a series of 4 of these in different colours would look like Andy Warhol’s Marilyn series that he created. Might take inspiration from him and see about creating my own version using these drawings as part of my further development.


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