Part 3 of Submission (guide booklet for museum quarter tours)

Brainstorming ideas:

Always start a project by brainstorming ideas as I feel its the best way to generate and collect ideas in to one place for development later on. It also stops me from forgetting things at a later date.

From my brain storm I have concluded that there are several key elements that need to be developed in order for my guide booklet to be successful these are:

  • Format and Size- what is the most appropriate size for a guide book to be, pocket sized etc. What format is best suited to the size of the guide and will all the guides fit together ultimately at the end? e.g with an envelope or box?
  • Information being included- what is appropriate and useful information to be included in a guide book? Addresses, telephone number, photos, maps?
  • Layouts of Pages- need to develop and appropriate and considered layout for my guide book that can be used on every page throughout for consistency. Things to consider on this are typography, and sizes of typography, size and treatment of photos and illustrations.
  • Imagery and Illustrations- what is more appropriate to use photos or illustrations. What style of map to use?

This brainstorm has really helped me to identify different areas that are needed for development, because of the fact that it is such a large body of work I think it will be easy for me to split it into several parts and develop these separately first. These parts will be, box/envelope, front back covers, inner pages, map, binding. Think this way I will appropriately develop each of the sections enough and will be able to collate together the most successful material that I have produced.IMG_3929


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