Format/Envelope/Box Ideas

After looking at found material for inspiration it has occurred to me that It could be quite an interesting and quirky idea to have an envelope/box that would ultimately hold all four of the guide books together at the end as a set. So I have been experimenting with different formats for this idea. I think probably the most successful would be having a folded envelope that they would all sit neatly in, it would form a sort of collectors item so that people would collect all of the guide books once they had been on all 4 of the guided walks.


Some of the envelopes could as well act as covers for the guide books, have visions of them being in relatively thick card so that the cover is supportive and sturdy with the guide books being on shiny paper giving photographs a real emphasis. Think the most successful idea was the first one on the left hand page. it would easily fold around the inside pages and would also stay shut more easily than the others because of the tab and slit closure.


Think the one with four fold out pages wouldn’t be as successful because there is quite a lot of folds in the paper and would mean that the guide book would start to become bulky and wouldn’t necessarily stay shut very easily. Going to move on and start developing the front cover and inner pages and come back to this at a later date.


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