Further Poster Development


Really wasn’t happy with using a black and white photo for my poster because I felt that it lacked emphasis and could have done with more of a focus on the architecture of the building especially as this is such an important factor of the area. So I experimented using the coloured version. Not entirely sure that I like this either, the typography is getting lost and is illegible over some areas of the photograph. In a group tutorial it was suggested that some photographs look quite effective and interesting when they are filtered using a colour and so I wanted to experiment with this myself.IMG_3926

I think filtering the photograph with different colours has been really effective in this case. The typography is now a lot more legible and stands out from the coloured strokes significantly more. By creating these two mock ups I can see that different versions of the “same” poster would also work as part of a series and I can easily relate the different areas of kensington by using the colours from my broadsheet effectively creating a colour code. I think now that the next steps for me are to develop the typography further and to take a more considered approach to the information that I choose to keep on the poster about the different places.


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