Support Module- Week 9

This week there was a chance for some further reflection because of a mid module tutorial. The tutorial really helped me to decided which direction I was going to go with the rest of the remaining weeks on the project. After a talk with Jane I have decided that an ideal direction to go would be to try and further develop the drawings that I have already done. I feel that at this point I have rather a large body of drawings that have fitted with my own brief however it would be nice to try and push these drawings further to see what could be done with them: because I am on a graphic design course I want to try and relate these drawings back to this and so I am thinking of taking them further and developing them on the computer this way I will hopefully develop my skills of transferring drawings in to digital versions.

Another aspect that I need to have a think about is the aspect of research. A lot of my research has been just looking through books at people’s work that I like. However now I want to try and use this research and find connections in my own work to the work of others by using them as inspiration or making comparisons between my work and theirs. I think it would be helpful if my artist research was arranged in my folder so that it was next to the work that it feels most appropriate to.

Both Jane and I also had a discussion about what makes a drawing an illustration, as this was something that I had spoken about within my self-study brief. After discussing it I feel that I have a much clearer idea about what makes an illustration and my understanding is that it is a drawing in context for example: illustration that supports a piece of text. I want to also try to address this in development work of my drawings.

To start the development of my drawings I have decided to photocopy and shrink down some of them. A lot of them are on A1 pieces of paper and are hard to necessarily scan into my computer so shrinking them down will make them a lot easier to work with. I also wanted to see what some of the coloured ones I have done would look like in black and white. Think the below image is especially successful, wasn’t overly impressed with the original coloured pastel drawing however changing it into black and white really brings out the tones that I have created using the colours.


This reminds me slightly of the work by Douglas Fryer who seems to work using a lot of strong and heavy tonal contrast with a very small amount of mid tones evident. This is quite an interesting way of working as well as by working in colour first and then photocopying into black and white you are not clear what the drawing will look like and there is an element of uncertainty in the process.


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