Support Module- Week 8

Really wanted to take this week, as it was an open session to focus on mediums that I hadn’t really had a chance to use yet especially sustained pieces and sharpie markers.


For this I used a sharpie: not entirely happy with this as I feel that the drawings are very out of proportion. These were quick 5-minute sessions and because of that I felt like I rushed the drawings and didn’t pay to much attention to proportions however they were good warm up exercises to get used to the medium.


This was another drawing done with a sharpie; feel like this is a lot more successful than the first drawings, again I have used cross hatching here to try and communicate a sense of tone and I feel that this is really successful. Because of the boldness of the pen mark it could potentially be quite difficult to create tone but the cross-hatching has lent it-self well to this.


Two mediums which I hadn’t really used much were chalk pastels and oil pastels but I wanted to used them in order to add a touch of colour to my work and felt that these would work well with sustained pieces of work. I feel like the chalk pastels on the left were a lot more successful because I was able to control the colour a lot more than with the oil pastels as these tended to build up to much medium too quickly creating a really dark and murky piece of work. Whereas the chalk pastels stayed fairly opaque and allowed me to blend colours together more easily I would definitely used chalk pastel again in my work because I feel that this was a really successful piece but I could still use practice with them.


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