Support Module- Week 7

Really enjoyed this week of life drawing because it allowed me to use another medium (mono printing) whilst observing the life model. I have previously used mono printing before in a past support module but haven’t had the chance to use it in conjunction with the life model. The session really showed me how versatile the medium is when used with different techniques. I also really like how although you can see what you are drawing it is still quite unpredictable how the ink will transfer on to the paper once you have revealed it


Because I knew the quality of line that mono printing produce depending on the amount of ink that is on the plate I decided to try out cross-hatching. (Smaller amount of ink- thinner line.) Feel that both these drawing are practically successful because the cross-hatching adds a tonal quality to what could potentially be quite a boring line drawing. It was also interesting to work on close up sections of the body as this allowed me the chance to add interesting areas of tone to the body. I think the coloured tracing paper is quite exciting as well.


Think this drawing is also quite exciting because of the range of tonal quality that it has. Instead of using cross-hatching to create tone I drew an outline with a pencil and then used my finger to press into the plate and created tone. I feel that it worked very successfully because of the range of tone that I was able produce along with details.


Although these are just general line drawings I do think these are successful as well because of the way I was able to capture the essence of the models pose. Feel like they both portray a real twist to the body and this is emphasized by the strength and boldness of the line. The boldness of the line reminds me of marker pen or sharpie and this is a medium that I want to try using soon.


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