Douglas Fryer

During my drawing support module I have been very active in using charcoal as a medium. Originally when I started the module this was a medium which I had hated since GCSE and A-levels because of its fairly uncontrollable nature however this has changed considerably over the course of this module. Because of this I have felt the need to look into artist which have used this them selves whilst drawing and have come across Douglas Fryer.

Douglas Fryer Blog

Really interested in his work especially because of the tonal qualities of it. He seems to work using a lot of tonal contrast and this really makes his work pop and stand out to me. There is a lack of mid tones everything is either very dark or with little shading and this is something that I feel is apparent in my work  as well. He also draws in preparations for paintings to allow himself to correctly position and proportionate different subjects and objects first and this relates to the work I do as a graphic designer because I work best when I sketch out my ideas several times first before converting them over to the computer.

sketch Julie in shirtFigure sketch 16 LRFigure sketch 2 LRfigure drawing 5

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