Mini Day Project!

The day project of designing a guide booklet for a part of the institute really got me thinking about the type of information I need to include on my guide booklet for part 3 of the brief. I think its also apparent that it is easier to work out your target audience and collect the information you need for the guide before designing it so that the design/layout/function fit with the booklet.

Think the booklet we produced in one day is a success because it has show me that a lot of material can be produced within one day especially when working in a team and this is a direct reflection of the way industry would work for life briefs. Although not designed entirely perfectly or with a great attention to the details I think it is a very good representation of what could potentially be designed and gives the general idea of the type of guide we would have produced. It has also got me thinking and given me ideas as starting points for my own guide and I am very excited to get started on this part of the brief.


It also gave me a chance to practice some drawing as I was designated illustrator for the task. Was a chance to use some of the skills that I have recently been acquiring in my support module. Although not overly impressive sketches I feel that they are fairly good given the time they were done in and I think if I was going to develop these further I would scan them into the computer and edit them using illustrator or photoshop.


Seeing some of the printed material that Andrew brought in today also got me thinking about the different formats that a guide booklet can take. It does not necessarily have to be a book form it could have more of a function to it and this is definitely something that I am going to experiment and develop with. I have taken lots of picture of the different formats and this will form part of my research for this part of the brief.


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