Map Making

After looking and using several different maps on my broadsheet design whilst putting together the layout I started to think that a lot of them looked extremely out of place alongside the other design features of my broadsheet and so because of this I  have decided to design my own so that it is in keeping with the rest of the design. Features that I knew I needed to include were things such a thick stroke widths and a simplified road network so that it reflected my layout.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 16.27.43

By tracing over an actual South Kensington map using Illustrator I have been able to simplify the road network by using simple strokes that imitate the ones that I have used on the broadsheet. I have also added symbols for the London underground that correspond to the travel information on the broadsheet.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 16.24.09

I also then added circles with letters in them that correspond to the places and strokes on the broadsheet. In context I feel that the map really works well. It feels in keeping to the rest of the design and appropriate. It is also simple and straight forward to understand. I feel that if the map was too confusing and complicated it would detract from the rest of the valuable information on the page and the whole broad sheet would become to over crowded. The map also reflects the use of white space on the broadsheet in its design.


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