Beginnings of Poster Design

Originally for my poster design I really wanted to come up with a catchy title or phrase that could sum up all of the buildings within the museum quarter and so I came up with the idea of “Lift the Lid” I also wanted to incorporate the icons of the buildings that I had originally used on the broadsheet in a bigger format on to the poster. However after more thought and brain storming I felt that it would be more appropriate to go without a saying and focus on eat of the places themselves but keeping an overall theme and look at the same time.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 14.23.20Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 14.18.03

These are two initial mock ups of the poster. I really do not like them as they feel very flat and boring and lack the attention grabbing quality that a poster needs in order to be successful. The icons of the buildings themselves are also not recognisable enough on there own and I feel that because of the beauty and iconic stature of the buildings it would be wrong to make them into icons and use them as a main focus. The typography is also too big in some places and there is too much of an emphasis on certain parts such as dates and not enough on the titles of exhibitions which could potentially be the attention grabbing quality. I do however like the fact that I have use the colour purple which I have carried over from my broad sheet. I decided early on within the project that colour would be the main factor I would use when separating different parts of the museum quarter and it has proven to be effective on my broadsheet and so this is something that I wanted to carry across in to my poster design.

IMG_3830 IMG_3829

After my first initial design I have decided to swap the icons in for an actual photograph of the natural history museum. Already this photograph adds a much more eye catching a dynamic feature to the the poster which I feel is needed in order for the poster to be worth while and effective. Instead of focusing on specific events/date I have taken a more relaxed approach and made the poster just about that building itself. I feel that the image on its own along with its title is almost enough to portray an interesting message without the need for dates. The typography is also carefully positioned with the idea that when folded up the title “Museum Quarter” would create the front of the booklet. I feel that this is the most appropriate way for it to work when folded. One concern I do have with working with white text on this image is that some of it could potentially come slightly illegible and difficult to read at a distance so this is something that I need to address.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 14.22.29 Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 13.49.11

The positioning of the text and layout is also something that I need to address and consider as well. I feel that maybe this typography is not appropriate. Although it mimics that of my logo I feel that It could possible be more appropriate and make more of a statement if the same typography from  my broadsheet was used and this is something that I am going to experiment with. The other question is how much information about the place is needed? I feel that telephone number could possible be inappropriate as a lot of people take to the web first to find out information before they phone. The address is also another issue for me, I don’t know whether south kensington would be more appropriate instead of a full address instead so this is something that I will work on. I do feel as well that the black and white image could potentially be a bit boring and so I am going to try experimenting with this in photo shop too.


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