Main Poster and Broadsheet Inspiration

I picked up a book in the library especially relating to layout design and found a really interesting piece of work that included both a information chart/timetable and corresponding poster.

IMG_3831 IMG_3832 IMG_3833 IMG_3834

Really like this piece of work because it gave me a lot of inspiration and ideas to apply to my own broadsheet and poster. There is a running theme of colour (Pink) which is evident throughout all publications. I feel that if you saw this colour around the institution you would start to link the two visually together.

Important points such as date, times and places are accentuated in this pink colour making them pop against the various backgrounds. They are also in bigger point sizes of text allowing them to be visually more important.

Although split in to 8 columns there is a sense of fun and dynamics coming from the uneven layout. white space has been used effectively and it is not overcrowded.


The poster itself then used these elements as well, pink again is a running theme and it has been used in various ways to draw attention to different parts of typography. Bigger point sizes of text are again used for the main focus of the poster and smaller ones for less important information.


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