Support Module- Week 6

Got a chance to try out a medium I have never used before which was drawing as well as using different implements and techniques to apply this medium. Was really interesting to see the different effects and quality of line it was able to produce just by changing the way it was applied.


Using sponge- created a really thick and bold line, didn’t practically like this method of applying the drawing ink, as I didn’t feel like I had much control over the application of it. The sponge was also quite saturated and I think that this meant that the texture of the sponge wasn’t present when drawing the line. I think that if I were to use this method again I would blot of the sponge and use it to add tone rather than line and build up the tone more by continually dabbing. Would probably also work well on a more detailed and zoomed in part of the body rather than the whole figure.

IMG_3806 IMG_3805 IMG_3804

Gauze on the end of a stick- this was a much more controllable way of applying the drawing ink as I felt like I was actually able to get more detail from the figure. First image was my first attempt, feel like the image works better towards the bottom of the paper because the ink had been used up and blotted off more. I was able to get some tone from the medium as well because the ink had started to be used up. For the next two I decided to blot of the ink first which I feel has allowed me to get more control over the figure as well as creating tone and shading. The crossing over of the fibers on the material has also acted in a sort of cross hatching way and has allowed me to build up tone.


Edge of cardboard- had slightly more control over this drawing because the edge of the cardboard allowed me to draw in more controlled lines. I do like areas of this drawing but parts of it are out of proportion especially in the top half of the. Was hard to build up and areas of tone using the cardboard as well so I feel that it lacks in this respect.

IMG_3807    IMG_3803

Using the edge of a straw- this was my most favored method of application. Really felt like I had much more control over the lines that I was drawing but at the same time there was an element of surprise that came from the drips or the flicks of the drawing ink. I was also able to build up tone by continuing to go over the same line more and more. They feel almost wire like and I think they could easily be transferred in to wire models and sculptures.


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