Broadsheet layouts

To start to get my brain going with the idea of designing the information broadsheet for the museum quarter I had experimented with different layouts using simple place holder boxes and photo boxes to get a feel for the type of layout that will work and that I like.

IMG_3811 IMG_3812

Initially I had the idea that the page would be jam packed with lots and lots of information about the area and so I have tried to fill the page entirely with text and image. Although these would theoretically work I feel that they swing to much towards looking like a newspaper broad sheet. I feel that there should be more of a fun element towards the design as well and these are both very symmetrical in their layout. I also needed to be more selective about the information I am going to include so that it is not to over crowded on the page.

Workshop with Andre using bits of text that had already been printed and needed arranging really got me thinking about more interesting ways to arrange the information on the page as well as what was the more important information that needed to be kept for it to be effective.

Tried to take a more minimal approach to these layouts as well as changing to a portrait format to fit with the poster.

IMG_3814 IMG_3813

I think that these are both much more effective in the fact that they are less busy and would be easier for the reader to digest and read and they are more interesting and less symmetrical in their layout. There is a clearer idea of hierarchy of information as well which would allow the ready to easily pin point the parts they are more interested in. My next step is to take these on to indesign and develop them further by adding in images and playing around with typography hierarchy.


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