Support Module- Week 5

This week gave me further chance to experiment at drawing without looking at the subject as well as metamorphing two subjects together to create really abstract drawings and images. Although I wasn’t particully keen on this workshop it did allow me to draw in a different way to what I am usually comfortable with.

IMG_3775 IMG_3776 IMG_3774

Although not necessarily my favorite life drawings that I have done I feel that these really show and emphasize the nature of the way they were drawn. There is a real sense of a combination of different objects coming into the drawings and the scattered nature of them implies the fact that they were not done by looking at the paper. I think the last one if my favorite as I think it is the one that shows most the two different subjects that were being draw at the time (life model and skeleton.) I also think that using a pen really helped to create some tone and emphasis on different areas of the drawing because you can see where there has been a build up of ink on the paper.


This was probably the most interesting of the drawings to do because it allowed me to work bigger and focus in more on a certain part rather than working on the whole of the body. Think it is really effective because I was able to merge the two subjects together well so that it almost became an alien like creature but at the same time it is still possible to see the tow different subjects in their own right. Do think however that the image could be helped with a touch of cropping so that less of the legs and shoulders are seen and there is more of a zoomed in feel to the body.


Really pleased with how this drawing turned out as well, I feel so much more confident working with chalk and charcoal now than I did from the start of the module. Think both mediums look really effective on black paper and it definitely something that I want to work on in the future as I feel that a life drawing could look really effective if done for a sustained amount of time in it.


This drawing was originally meant to be placed over the last and morphed together using the transparency of the tracing paper however after drawing I started to forget that this was my intention and continued drawing normally. I do however really like the drawing on its own, I have never really used tracing paper as a medium to work on for a drawing but it has a really nice quality especially for charcoal. It takes shading and the smoothing of charcoal really well and I think that it could create a really nice tonal piece if worked on for a while.

Things to take forward;

  • Continue working with charcoal and chalk as mediums to further build up my confidence.
  • Try working on black paper and tracing paper again experimenting with other mediums instead of just charcoal.

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