Support Module- Week 4

Think this was probably one of my most successful weeks as it allowed me to take a much more fluid and abstract approach to drawing. At first I thought that laying down a general shape of tone for the body first before any outline would make it harder to draw however it seemed to aid my ability in creating more proportioned life model drawings. The session has also showed me that I am starting to understand the qualities of charcoal and feel much more confident with using this medium.


Even using just my hands and charcoal dust I think that I have created really interesting and abstract shapes that portray a lot of movement and shape from the body.


By adding in an outline it brings the whole shape of the body together. I do feel however that by enclosing the whole body in outline it almost restricts the ghostly form of the charcoal dust behind it.

IMG_3698 IMG_3697

I feel like drawings like these with less of an outline still keep the quality of the charcoal dust drawing behind but at the same time still giving over enough information about the form of the body.


I found the movement drawings one of the trickier tasks of the workshop because although I had lots of time overall to draw each post I felt that I had the tendency to rush the initial drawing which led me to look less and get proportions and lines out of place. I think It also would have helped if I had of started at the bottom of the page with the feet and kept these in the same position for each drawing as the life model kept her feet In the same place for each pose.


I think this is a better version of a transitional movement drawing because I feel like I have captured a real sense of movement and change by the way the drawings almost cascade down the page. Even though they are only half finished and simple life drawings I still feel like you get a sense of the different positions and poses the body was being stretched and formed into.

Things to take forward;

  • Continue to push the boundaries and properties of charcoal.
  • Try using the technique of laying down tone and colour and drawing lines over the top again, using different materials such a pastels or graphite pencils.

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