Support Module- Week 3

Feel like this week allowed me to really produce some sustained drawings that I feel proud of. I made sure to add tone and shading to give a dimension to the body. Also gave me a chance to work with different material such as black paper and white chalk.


Really pleased with this drawing, think the tone and shading that I have added has really helped to sculpt the body and accentuate the highlights and shaded areas created by the light that was shining heavily at the time. I made sure to measure out whilst I was drawing as well and I think that this has undoubtedly helped me to get the body in correct proportion. One thing I think that I could hav e done more of was mid tones, there is a lot of dark and light areas but there are not many in-between and I think this could have helped it to look even better.


Wanted to experiment using different mediums here. Especially likes using graphite stick because this game the most control over what I was drawing and was the most effective at providing a range of tonal depths. Not very keen on using oil pastel, find this difficult to control and work with however there is a nice bold quality to the line. The chalk and charcoal on black paper was interesting to use however it is quite difficult to work in reverse and add highlights instead of shadows. Does however create a really interesting effect as I think it looks almost like a negative.

 Things to take forward;

  • Think more about mid tones rather than just shadows and highlights.
  • Try more directional shading and contours on the body.

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