Support Module- Week 2

Much preferred this week of work as it allowed me the chance to work in a tonal way using a pencil. I want to get more comfortable working with this medium first before I decide to go on to using other mediums such as, pastels and paint. One thing that I picked up from this session was that I feel like the quicker drawings were a lot more successful that the longer ones.


This is one of the quicker poses sessions and I think that it is really effective in conveying movement of the body. Putting the different poses on top of each and only drawing rough outlines helps to communicate the quickness of the poses. Think this is more successful to me because I wasn’t thinking too much about detail but I was looking more at the generic shape of the body.


Think this another successful drawing because it again was rather quick poses. I feel like the quicker the pose the more fluid my hands are when drawing the lines and this aids my ability to get the shapes easier.

IMG_3580 IMG_3579

Although I do like these two drawings I feel that they are less successful because I have tried to focus too much on detail first rather than just getting a generic outline/shape that is in proportion. Think the arms/head in both are areas where they are too small for the rest of the body.

Things to take forward;

  • Try not to focus on detail to early on in the drawing. Get a basic shape/outline that is proportionately correct which I can then build upon.
  • Continue to look at the model/object whilst drawing to improve the relationship between hand and eye when drawing.
  • Start to add in and use different mediums, combine mediums.

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