Support Module- Week 1

This was my first go at doing any sustained bits of drawing that weren’t what I would consider sketches. Really enjoyed being able to draw freely as well as using other materials than just pencil. From the session I have realized that you don’t just have to draw with a pencil there are lots of other alternative things that can mark make in order to produce a drawing. I also realized that it is more important to look at the subject that you are drawing more than it is to look at the paper as this will improve the relationship you have between your eye and the paper as well as what your drawing with.


Think my most successful drawing was most likely this one which was just drawing the red cloth from the still life. Tonal studies have always been something that I am interested in and I particully enjoyed doing this one. I do however feel that I could have been a bit more ambitions and abstract with my drawing and filled the page slightly better.


Working with electrical tape was fairly interesting as well. It made for a very abstract pieces of work. I do however wish that I had worked to a bigger scale or focused in on one particular area of the still life instead as working to this scale made is hard to get any type of detail. After the session it was quite interesting to see how other people had approached using this medium.

I practically liked these two pieces by other people in my class as they showed really interesting ways of using the electrical tape. One was 3D and had a lot of texture as well as detail and the other was used in a more flatter yet tonal way.

IMG_3554 IMG_3553

Things to take forward;

  • Try to work bigger and fill the paper that im using.
  • Think of new inventive ways to use mediums rather than the obvious.
  • Remember to look at the subject im drawing more than the mediums to increase hand eye observation.

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