Trip To Museum Quarter

For me the trip to the museum quarter really gave me a much better understanding of the area as a whole. It allowed me to get a sense of the type of stuff that go’s on there as well as exploring the area and getting a better idea of where everything is situated within the area.

I was able to gain primary research in the form of photographs which I will be able to refer to at a later date. The ones that I think will be partially useful will be the photos of the outsides of the buildings and the architecture. These are definitely ones that I want to draw from later on in the project as I think that they will create particularly nice illustrations.


Front of the V&A


Science Museum with pedestrianised high street


Natural History Museum

One of the the aspects that really stood out to me was that the entire area was bursting with all sorts of different designs and cultures, it does not have a definitive identity and I feel that this is something that I need to incorporate into my designs for this brief. I need to design things that would apply to everyone in that area and try not to stereotype the area to a specific area.


Maps on boards from around the area

I also took photos of the maps that are dotted around the area, they have a particularly exciting design and I want to analyse them further to see what inspiration I can take from them as well whether this is colour scheme, typography or even the road network of the Museum Quarter.

All in all I think the London trip was a success in allowing me to collect primary research for a lot of the new brief and I feel that I most definitely have material which I can start to develop and use to create ideas.


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