New Brief & Plans for London Trip

Getting the brief for Semester 1 studio module has immediately got my mind going. I have the chance to create a lot of visual printed material and get stuck into a very wide variety of different parts of Graphic Design media. The first group session has also given me a head start on where to look for research in relation to the brief as well as showing me different ways that research can be developed.

I am going to take this on board and help it to influence the future trip to London in order for me to get the most out of the trip. My aim is to gain a lot of primary research in the form of photographs so that I can draw from them and refer to them later on in the project. I will also pick up current printed material on offer at the free museums to see how they are currently marketing themselves to the public who visit. As well as looking at the museums I want to absorb the surrounding areas to see what the area is like and how this relates to the Museum Quarter theme. I feel like by collecting all of this I will have a better idea of who I will be marketing my designs to and the type of direction and approach I will need to take in order for my design to be applicable and appropriate.